27media Productions is an independent, in-house video production company that has the ability to film, direct, edit, produce & manufacture digital media. 27media specializes in all aspects video & digital production from the conversion of old media to full scale DVD production. 27media's current primary focus however is the filming & production of videos concerning the Houston Fire Department.

27media Productions

Houston Fire Department:
Here are some quick facts about the Houston Fire Department:
  • Third largest department in the nation
  • Covers an area over 600 square miles
  • Has over 90 fire stations
  • Employs over 4000 firefighters & paramedics
  • Is the largest Class 1 ISO fire department in the world

Coming Soon:
Coming soon to the website will be more videos, as well as more historical content like pictures of old fire apparatus & fire stations. This site will also host videos, news-clips, and short documentaries about HFD & firefighting in general - not created by 27media Productions here. If you have HFD videos you would like hosted, or have video footage you think 27media could use, please email the us at gsmj27@gmail.com

27media Productions

Most of the videos on this site are Quicktime formatted movie files. It is recommended that you use Mozilla's Firefox when browsing this website to allow for the quickest load times. Click here to get Quicktime, and here to get Firefox.

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